He was born in 1983 in Prague. In 2006, he completed a higher professional programme in Graphic Design and Processing of Printed Materials with a focus on Advertising Graphic Arts at the Prague Graphic School under the leadership of prof. Z. Kočvar.
He pursues painting and graphic arts. He creates free cycles with individual parts evincing the mutual permeation of subject matter and form. Nevertheless, there is a constant under-the-surface feeling of the author’s siding with symbols and codes.
Since I was a child, I have always felt particularly drawn to felt-tip drawings.  I am fascinated by the simple use, and the various ways of utilising their nibs and colours. I have always used felt-tip pens on paper in a strictly spontaneous way, I drew automatically and let myself be surprised by the not-thought-through or visualised pattern emerging. I have been discovering new ways of employing morphology and colour combinations. I have never gotten bored of this method and I consider it pivotal in my work. I also like to dedicate my time to graphic arts techniques, particularly to linocut. My paper drawings are transferred to canvas with the use of acrylics, which are the best way to substitute the colour attributes and possibilities of felt-tip pens. Recently, I discovered a new technique for myself – acrylic paint markers. They come in various nib widths and shapes and are refillable. They not only open up new windows of opportunity for me but, most importantly, they finally give me the chance to approach the substance of my paper drawings on canvas, too. I can frequently improvise and freely create new forms directly on canvas. This brings a new dimension and a certain lightness to my paintings that result in me taking great pleasure in my work.
As I have already insinuated, the first motif is always spontaneous. That way, hundreds, maybe even thousands of drawings of various shapes, colours and combinations come into existence. From time to time, a certain motif or shape captures my attention to such a degree that I start developing it immediately, and I often end up with a comprehensive series of drawings. Such series then serves as a basis for a series of paintings, and the motifs are then further developed on a larger scale.
Last year, I was enchanted by black backgrounds, which bring a completely new dimension to my drawings and paintings – that way, I can keep discovering new colour contrast possibilities. A motif on a black background, imbued with a new depth, varies significantly from being on a white background.
Formerly, my works used to be rather geometrical and precise. Nonetheless, nowadays my work is ever more expressive. The felt-tip pen strokes are not always strictly limited, I often sketch faded lines, which imbue the drawings with movement and expression.
Following my move from the centre of Prague to the countryside, my work is now also influenced by a number of natural motifs. Despite the primary impulse remaining spontaneous, my drawings are now subconsciously permeated with nature. When taking a look at the finished work in an effort to analyse it, it is as clear as day. Sometimes, it is swarming of birds, other times pine needles in the woods, a churned-up water surface, a bubbling brook, wrinkled and cracked ground or tree bark.
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